Ep: 002 - Possible problems with your loan closing

May 20, 2017

In this episode we discuss Possible problems with your loan closing

Lets face it buying a home can by very exciting and extremely stressful. For some home ownership represents the American dream. For most home buying only occurs a handful of times and every home buying process can be different. Your Lender and Realtor, being professionals do the best job they can to prepare you for the transaction. However they cannot warn you about something that may be unforeseen. Just remember everyone is working for the common goal of your homeownership. If the process gets too stressful or you get hit with a curve ball just take a deep breath and work as a team to close the deal.

Here are 8 Curve ball sceneries that can pop up during the


1. You just learned you’re in a flood Zone

2. Your debt to income Ratio

3. You Cannot get Home Insurance Coverage because of credit

or claims

4. Your settlement costs have changed considerably

5. The Appraisal comes back too low, could be good or bad

6. The sellers cannot actually sell their home because of liens

or title issues

7. The sellers Have Not competed the agreed upon repairs put

money in escrow

8. Your Walk-through is a nightmare agent negotiates escrow

funds or walk away



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