Ep: 009 - Things NOT to do while in Escrow

July 12, 2017

If you've been in the business then you've heard a story or two!  In this show we discuss... 

Things NOT to do while in Escrow


  1. Do not open new debt, raise DTI and lower Fico ie Autos and CC debt


  1. Don’t Pay off collections or Charge offs


  1. Do not max out or over charge on your credit cards 30% rule


  1. Don’t consolidate debt onto 1 or 2 cards will show as max on new cards


  1. Do not open or close accounts lowers fico less history shows increase overall debt


  1. Do not pay late or allow past due lose 50-100 points Begging creditors for a mulligan


  1. Do not dispute anything on your credit report updates the lates close w/o disputes


  1. Do not lose contact with mortgage and real estate professionals get their ok


  1. Do not think your closed because your loan is approved closed when you have keys





  1. Do not leave town delay the vacation or delay your closing


  1. Change Jobs or go self employed 30 days paystub even same field


  1. Move around big amounts of money huge red flags



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