Home Buying the Players and Process

August 16, 2017

In this episode I break down who the Players are and the Process during a home buy.



  1. The loan Officer/Lender-Finds you a loan to buy the home
  2. Buyers Agent-Represents you in the process, paid for by the seller
  3. Sellers Agent-Represents the seller
  4. Home Inspectors –what is right and wrong with the house
  5. Home Appraiser-what is the home worth
  6. Title Agent/escrow-collects and disperses money, records documents
  7. Processor-collects documents for the lender gives to the underwriter
  8. Underwriter-underwrites the three CCC’s Credit Capacity and collateral
  9. Home insurance agent-provides insurance quote


  1. Consultation-speak about purchase price and payment
  2. Pre-Approval-get qualified for purchase price and payment
  3. Home search-buyers agent find a home
  4. Make an Offer-buyers agent makes an offer
  5. Accepted Contract-offer excepted by the seller
  6. Open escrow/Ernest Money deposit- Put Ernest money down at title company
  7. Loan application-sign and collect documents for your loan
  8. Appraisal/Inspection establish value and condition of the home usually first 10 days
  9. Processing-documents ready for underwriting
  10. Underwriting-three c’s
  11. Home insurance quote - quote for insurance coverage, included in  monthly payment
  12. Clear to close-underwriter has approved you and sent loan for docs
  13. Final walk through-make sure home is in condition agreed upon
  14. Closing - sign, record, and fund your loans. Sometimes not same day

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